How To Stretch Your Hip Flexors- Some Tips

The body is a beautiful thing, as athletes we put our bodies through hell to get the results we want. Some times though our bodies fight back telling us that something is wrong. In this post we will be looking at the hip flexor muscle, where it is, what role it plays and how to know if your flexor muscles are giving you grief. Lets first look at the flexor muscle.

What is a Flexor muscle?

A flexor muscle is the muscle that controls your joints between two body parts such as the one between your forearm and bicep. The contraction of your flexor muscle causes the joint to move, allowing the two body parts to move together or apart at different angles. Flexor muscles are different to your regular muscles in that they are skeletal muscles or muscles that move joints and are controlled voluntarily.  Some examples of flexor muscles are the hip flexors, which flex the hip and move the thigh toward the body, and the bicep, which flexes the elbow and move the forearm toward the shoulder. So your hip flexors are really quiet important to your mobility and strength. Some of the other ways they help you are to stabilize your lower body, moving your legs from side to side and and front to back, flexing your hip joints, pulling your knees upward, flexing your trunk forward.

Can tight or painful hip flexor or hamstring muscles affect each other?

Both the ham-string and hip flexor muscle can affect one another, but what you must understand is that they don’t necessarily lead to the other. What they do cause is lumbar issues, it is common to feel the pain from your hamstrings/hips without the back pain but with time as the area becomes tighter and without attention, the lower back will be affected causing pain in that area.

Why do my hip flexors feel so tight?

The health of your lumbar spine is directly related to the condition of your hamstrings and flexors. When there is an imbalance in any of your flexor muscles  the lower back is much more susceptible to injury and strain which results in that tight feeling or back pain. If you are feeling this pain then you need to take corrective action to reverse this imbalance and further reduce any risk of injury to the spine.

How To Stretch Your Hip Flexors- Some Tips

Stretching out your hip flexors is a great way to alleviate back pain and keep your body supple and ready to exercise. before you start with your hip flexor stretching you will want to warm up first.

Below are some excellent video’s to help you warm up and get ready for your hip stretches.

A Standing High Knee



Lunge With a Two Pulse

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